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Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework.
Qt enables you to build software applications running on two or more desktop operating systems and embedded devices without rewriting the source code. By utilizing your investment in single-platform software development for many other platforms with Qt, the time-to-market can be shortened and the productivity can be improved.

Using Qt
For 15 years, Qt has helped hundreds of thousands of developers and companies. Please use this Qt and develop an advanced and innovative application and device. And please reduce the man day about 50%. Furthermore, cords are reduced not less than 50%, and please raise maintenance performance 50%.
Qt user has said as following.
· 94% report that Qt meets or exceeds their development expectations.
· 92% would recommend Qt to others.
· 76% reported a productivity increase with Qt.
Introductory Case
Google Earth
3D mapping, satellite imagery integrated with Google search.Qt provided Google Earth(TM) with powerful cross-platform capabilities making it easily possible for Google Earth(TM) to port to Mac with only a small fraction of the resources required. (Other Cases)

We want to make Qt available to as many developers as possible while helping it to evolve and grow. The three Qt licensing options directly or indirectly help you to use it for your needs, while also supporting all of us to continue to evolve Qt.
The Qt Commercial Developer License is the appropriate version to use for the development of proprietary and/or commercial software.
This version is for developers who do not want to share the source code with others or otherwise comply with the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 or GNU GPL version 3.0.
This version of Qt is appropriate for the development of Qt applications (proprietary or open source) provided you can comply with the terms and conditions contained in the GNU LGPL version 2.1.
This version of Qt is appropriate for the development of Qt applications where you wish to use such applications in combination with software subject to the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0 or where you are otherwise willing to comply with the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0.

Introducing Qt white papers and sites to help you in software development.

Here we show information about Qt on the supported platforms.
ISB Corporation was established in June 1970 as an information service firm dealing primarily with general-purpose and business system development and system operations. Since then, we have kept on growing with the advancement of computerization of the society and industries and through the IT revolutions. In particular, we turned our attention to the expansibility of mobile communication fields as soon as they appeared, setting mobile communication as the pillar of our businesses; we have contributed to the development of the current mobile computing making the best use of our knowledge and the experience we accumulated over the long period of time.

Getting started on software creation for embedded device development can prove to be challenging.
Issues such as a lack of suitable drivers, non-optimal graphics performance or poor quality of hardware-related software can cause a delay in starting application development, lengthen development time and slow down time to market.
Boot to Qt provides a fully-integrated solution to get you started easily and quickly with software development on your embedded device with a tailored user experience. It supports your key requirements for high performance, minimal footprint together with Qt's flexible full-framework modular architecture to deliver unparalleled scalability.
Boot to Qt provides the tools you need for fast, easy and fully-integrated embedded device application development letting you get up and running from day one.

October 6, 2009

High-quality professional support is committed by ISB. A Qt Value Added Reseller (VAR) agreement has been concluded between ISB and Digia.
Provision of advice on cases that are not covered by the technical support included with Qt licenses, performance tuning and Qt library part creation.
Official Qt training courses using the original training materials of Qt.
Commercial licenses of Qt are available at ISB. There are multiple Qt license types to be chosen depending on the type of software you develop. We can help you to choose right one.
Reliable and cost-effective development support is offered by the support team comprising the ISB R&D lab engineers in Japan and Vietnam. ISB has provided embedded software development services since its establishment and accumulated abundant development experience in Linux-based systems as well as over 10 years of development experience in Symbian-based handsets. We support you to obtain the full benefit from Qt in both areas of communication and non-communication.

This Dial Widget Control is a component used for various purposes, such as an image selection, application launcher and character input.
The component can be diverted to any of various forms or its graphics can be modified as you want. Please ask for details.

This is a time management application developed by QML.
It is possible for the information on the date to enter by only the touch operation.
More information can be got in switching more than one display mode.


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